Where you are in the creative process?



Do you have a Story You're dying to tell but no clue How to Do it?

Laying a solid foundation for your book is the single biggest confidence-boosting and time-saving move you can make, whether you're writing fiction, memoir or nonfiction. Spending just six weeks digging deep into your story can literally make or break your entire project. My Blueprint for a Book program gives you a system to capture your vision so you can bring it to life. 


Are You Stuck in the Middle of your book and Afraid you'll never finish?

Maybe you've lost motivation, lost faith, or lost your way -- but that is no reason to quit. Working with a book coach helps keep you focused and on track with personalized editorial feedback, customized strategies and non-stop cheerleading. One-on-one coaching gives you accountability, feedback and support for the entire creative journey. 



are you nervous  about Getting Rejected by Agents?

Sending your book out to agents can be a terrifying experience. You have one shot to make your pitch, and there seems to be so much conflicting advice about what works and what doesn't. In the face of so much confusion, what's the best way to proceed? My pitch packages give you clarity about the entire pitch process; a strategy for preparing your materials so that they accurately reflect your work; intensive editorial feedback; and the knowledge to pitch with confidence.

Is one-on-one book coaching Fast and easy? Almost never.

Is it painless? Not even close. 

Aren't there cheaper ways to write a book? There certainly are.

Can I guarantee a bestseller, critical praise, and a pile of money? Not a chance.

But will you end up bursting with pride, full of satisfaction, and with a book readers are dying to read? absolutely. i can help make your dream a reality.


Let's bring your book to life.

I love the creative process — not just mine, but yours. I have spent my entire career studying what works when it comes to book writing, and what doesn't. That means that for thirty years, I have paid close attention to the best way to get your thoughts our of your head and onto the page; the ways writers tend to sabotage themselves; and the systems and strategies that lead to success.

These strategies are equally powerful and effective for fiction writers whose goal is to draw readers' into an imaginary world as they are for entrepreneurs and experts with a message to bring to the world. No matter what you're writing, I would be delighted to help you bring your book to life.

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